Shop update 10/18/21:  Not ACcepting new work

 ****PLEASE NOTE**** 


I am currently not taking in any new work. If I have discussed doing work for you that is not in yet, I will accept it on a case by case basis. I see all customers by appointment. Please use the link below to schedule a time that is convenient for you. You will receive an email confirmation of your date and time. Default appointments are for 30 minutes. 



I have limited quantities of 9 mm, .45 ACP, .223/5.56 NATO and .308 Winchester ammunition. This ammunition was consigned to me and priced by the seller. See the web store page for what is available. 


  1. I cannot answer phone calls or return messages inquiring about what is in the shop. I am a 1 man operation.
  2. I do not ship ammunition. Please do not buy it if you cannot pick it up.

UPDATED September 13, 2021

 COVID-19 Procedures:

  • NO MASKS REQUIRED at this time and I have been vaccinated. I no longer wear a mask. I don't judge anyone who wants to wear one in my shop. I don't however have them to hand out. 
  • If you would like me to wear a mask for YOUR PROTECTION, please let me know when you arrive. It's no trouble at all and again I don't judge.
  • Back to multiple customers in at a time if all are ok with being in shop together.  
  • I WILL NOT be performing sanitary wipe downs as current data suggests that the virus does not transmit from surfaces and that wipe downs do nothing to curtail the spread of the virus.
  • Hand sanitizer will still be available for customers who still want to use it.